Paypal App is messing up credit card fields on mobile :(

So after I activate the funnelish paypal app, it messes up the credit card fields. See image attached.

What happens is that MM / YY fields are empty. And if something here is selected it disappears again.

Please help how to fix this. This just happens when I activate the funnelish paypal app, and I have tried not showing cc icons in the app and so on. Don’t know what is wrong.


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Oh Yes!

That can be made WAY better by activating the app “Fancy Credit Card” try it out :wink: it’s Cool!

Activate the App “Fancy Credit Card” under /Apps and under your Funnel > Settings > Apps…

Under Apps > Fancy CC > Settings you can enable/disable the Credit Card preview :slight_smile:

That app will also help you validate Credit Card numbers, and make your credit card form more bullet proof

Thanks James. That solved that problem. But now for some reason the big fancy credit card is not showing :frowning: I have made it show up before, but don’t understand why it’s not showing anymore.

WHat could be wrong ??

And yes… I have the settings like this. So the big fancy card should, in theory, be showing up? But it isn’t :frowning:


Yup It MUST work on that case! could be a cache problem? Can you enable/disable the card preview and save changes each time perhaps that might help…

and feel free to PM me the order form link to check it out if there is anything to be fixed from our side!