Paypal App Stuck at "processing..."

i have tried searching this forum and just spent a few hours reading threads to no success.

neither my paypal v1 or paypal v2 work!

i have the setups exactly as the video shows.
i have my paypal id in every place possible in funnelish.
all products added under funnel settings name and 3rd party cart name match funnelish cart name.
i have a return url in my paypal account with that marked on.

with either active it just sits and spins saying submitting and does nothing or it says submit and retry.
with v2 the highlight features and auto selection and labeling do not show.

my order forms are in a popup not sure if that matters.

i was able to get the highlight and features to show with v2 but still just says processing.

Hi @gunco,

I assume it could be one of this:

  1. You didn’t add your products to funnelish at all, or their price is wrong.

  2. You don’t have an email input box in your order form, in order for PayPal to work you must have an email input box even if you don’t need it (ie. acquiring emails at previous steps) then you can make it hidden.

Let me know how that goes, also sharing your order form URL will make it easier to know your problem


I am having the same issue where when selecting submit on my order form it just gets stuck on ‘processing’.

However, I have tested it on all of my other OTO forms and paypal works fine for them.

I have tried everything mentioned on this page and it’s still not working.

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Hey @james34,

Which PayPal app are you using? can you share the link?

So for v2, that means you didn’t configure your PayPal App v2 yet (check under Funnel > Settings > Apps, click PayPal App v2 and create your gateway first)

But I recommend you use the classic one, it’s much easier at least till you have full grasp of how it all works.

Please change it to PayPal Plugin first, and let me check again.

I just checked your page, and actually your issue has nothing to do with Funnelish (at least for now) the problem comes from the box you have there called “cf_contact_skin_quantity_&_color”

I believe even Stripe won’t work with that one… so fix that box please (I believe CF doesn’t allow that character “&” in input’s name.)

Hope that directs you in the right direction… Let me know how it goes.

Hey James,
On this one i was using a two step opt in where emails were submitted on one page and payment on another.
I added emails/name to the payment page and hid those fields and it worked.
Did this help?


Thanks a lot for spotting that Yassine, it works fine now.

Hey Tommy,
I’m not using a two step but i’ll bear that in mind if/when I do, cheers.

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