Paypal app v1 wont default to credit card

Hey guys, I have never enabled “default to paypal” for v1. For some reason, no matter what I do, it defaults to paypal. I need it to default to credit card just like this picture below - thank you!

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That’s quite an interesting one, noticed some very rare cases where that has happened and on which always resetting the app level settings for the PayPal app has worked (ie. disabling all gateways and saving changes and then enabling them back) under /Apps > PayPal Plugin > Settings.

Will certainly see if there is anything we can do from our side to handle the bug and in the meanwhile try using the hack I described above.

I have a problem the same thing earlier today. Here’s what you gonna do. Go to Apps settings on Funnelish and disable Paypal plug in and enable Paypal App version 2.

Hope this helps. Please see screenshot below


Hey yassine, thanks for the response. I’ve tried this method multiple times now but no difference. What has worked is enabling Paypal v2 - this way defaults to credit card automatically. However, in order to use the v2 app I need to enable and set up gateways correct?

yes, you have to integrate Paypal app v2 on your payment gateways