Paypal Button not visible in Clickfunnels order form

I´m a new user and wondering how can be the paypal button or the fancy credit card be integrated? In all my funnel steps the order form doesn´t show the pay pal button or other funnelish apps.

My Steps:

Adding the script to the head of my funnel (Settings)
Copying the clickfunnels webhook url from a created pay pal product
Adding two urls for each funnel step (normal + variation)

What can I do?


Now it works! I´ve forgotten to activate the gateways --> apps /pay pal plug-in!

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That’s amazing :+1: well done :wink:

Also, keep in mind that 99% of times having the wrong step Url is like the reason why any of the apps are not showing up… and that applies to OTOs, TYPs, and other step types as well…