Paypal Button popups but doesn't process

New to using Funnelish and helping troubleshoot for a client.

What/where is the best place to start to learn Funnelish and troubleshoot.

Problem: Press the paypa button to buy and it opens a popup like it’s logging into paypal, spins like it’s processing but never processes.

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Hey @slucas,

Actually, you are in the right place for that, most issues if not all you’d probably encounter with any of the apps has been discussed multiple times on this forum, and you can get an answer for your own cases as well :slight_smile:

Also if you find it hard to go through the forum, maybe will find it much easier to go through the “How it works?” tutorials within Funnelish under /Apps > [Any App] > “How it works?” the how it works sections will point you directly to the setup articles…

I’d guess that you probably don’t have an email input box in your order form (which is required for it to work properly), even if you acquire the customer’s email in a previous step you may make it hidden on the page…

If that’s not the case, then please share the page URL or send it to me to have a look :slight_smile: