Paypal Buttons instead of the standard CF button on Upsell page

Hi. I’m new here. And I started using Funnelish. I am having this issue where in the Upsell page, there are these two Paypal buttons instead of a standard CF button. Can anyone please help me remove those two buttons? Below is a screenshot @yassine


@samlee Can you help please?

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Hello @misbah11,

Thank you for tagging me on this, and sorry for the late follow up, that’s pretty easy just in Clickfunnels avoid using PayPal v2 gateway, you may use any other gateway, if you do not have any other Credit Card gateway that you want to use (eg. Stripe, Bluesnap or NMI…etc) then I simply recommend that you use Funnelish pay it’s way easier and you don’t need to create any products at all within Clickfunnels (plus you don’t need to connect Clickfunnels to any gateway at all).

But, if you want to use the “PayPal Plugin” app instead of the Funnelish Pay, then all you have to do is detach your Clickfunnels products from PayPal v2 and attach them to a different gateway (Bluesnap, Stripe…Etc).

Hope that helps, and here are some other links about funnelish pay that I hope you find useful as well:

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