Paypal/Clickfunnels Subscription Product+Bump Problem


I have a subscription product set up $9 initial payment and 2 monthly $9 payments.

I initially set this up in funnelish and set recurring times as 3. This works fine when the subscription product is purchased on it own. It comes in with 2 additional payments going forward.

However,when this is purchased along with a one time bump, it comes up in paypal as the first payment plus the bump as a trial period and then 3 additional payment of the $9 going forward. So this results with charging the customer 1 extra payment.

Not sure how to correct this.




That’s very interesting, hmm Generally PayPal does not support buying anything along a subscription, meaning there is no cart mode for subscriptions and to overcome that Funnelish adds the sum to the Trial period… Can you share screenshots of your products setup on Funnelish along what you see on PayPal checkout page?

We do subscription products via paypal all the time. We currently use Stripe with Samcart. We are trying to move to 100% click funnels and hope to use Funnelish. Are you stating Funnelish doesn’t support subscription with paypal? How does this work.

To clarify we DO have referençe transactions enabled and approved by Paypal and have been using for 2 years with SamCart.

Absolutely not Pam, We do fully support subscriptions through the PayPal Plugin (v1), v2 on the other hand is only for ecommerce mutli-quantity and it has limited use compared to v2.

That’s really good, as soon as we release our RT update that should come in very handy :slight_smile: as we currently struggle to meet the minimum required balance in order to get approved ourselves for testing purposes.