PayPal .CSV file export + total order decimal points .999999X

Hey guys, I am ready to launch super soon :slight_smile:

I am just waiting on you guys to finish the .CSV file export for the PayPal orders and also there is still that one little big on my order page that shows the total to be .9999999X
(too many decimal points).

Could you please give me an update on when PayPal .CSV export will be released?


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Hey @mfilev,

Thanks for bringing this upfront,

We were kind of busy with GDPR.

As for the “.9999999X” issue that was supposdly fixed, but we will make sure in the current rollout is fixed again.

As for orders export through CSV, that’s being tested in beta accounts as we speak :slight_smile: and you should expect to have it starting from this week, by tomorrow it should start being rolled out in all funnelish accounts.

Hope that helps answering your questions feel free to let me know if you have other questions or concerns :slight_smile:

There you have it @mfilev

Your export feature has finished being rolled out for all accounts now, let us know if you discover any limitation or have any ideas to make it better :wink:


The exports worked! It takes a little bit of time but that’s okay.

Can we export the orders based on dates? Like I want all the orders from a specific day, for example, all orders that were made on 22/05/2018.

And lastly, the decimal total order issue is still ongoing. It appears to happen only for the product that is highlighted with fancify. when they add that product + order bump, it happens.


I figured out how to fix the extra decimal points!

It appears sometimes the float numbers go crazy, so you just have to change the price’s decimal points to see which number combinations don’t result in some long decimal points.

.98 cents instead of .97 or .99 seems to work!

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That’s certainly something to do :wink:

Hmm interesting thing! that could help identify the problem faster and solve it :slight_smile: as we had some hard time figuring out what was wrong.

Little while! hmm… can you give me an estimate how many rows you export usually for us few thousand rows should take literally few seconds.

Hey @mfilev, you don’t need to do that anymore.

That bug is fixed now :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting us know, keep reporting more bugs or letting us know about more of your crazy ideas, love to hear them :wink: