Paypal does not get price product in oto

Hi guys,

Paypal 1 is installed, stripe is installed, order confirmation with paypal 1.0 does work, correct redirect to oto1 (that I skipped, but then: I want the oto 2, and and again redirected to paypal - it does NOT fill in automatically the usd price of the oto2. See screenshot.

I have checked in CF the 3rd Party Membership Access (settings funnel) of funnelish, but the paypal price is correctly insterted (stripe price also btw). What should I check or do?!


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I believe that means you have wrong price format in Funnelish for that product, can you check out the price you’ve given that product in Funnelish?

SOLVED! Thanks @samlee! seems I filled out all products in stripe, cf interface, and funnelish, except this one product in funnelish.

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