Paypal e-mail problem

Hi I was wondering if it is possible through funnelish to make paypal and clickfunnels communicate.
The problem we are having is the following:
We use a 2step order form in this way if someone starts the purchase process but for any-reason stop we send reminders e-mails.
But so far with paypal implementation once the user leaves CF was not possible to communicate if the user purchased with paypal or not even if the user uses the same e-mail.
So I was wondering if funnelish solves this problem communicate and making an e-mail check with clickfunnels.
Thanks for your help


Apparently it does work fine with emails,

Except for the case you mentioned (when a user pays using a different email) then CF considers two different emails as two different customers! But seems like funnelish can track and send automations fine for a payer or optin email just fine… so yeah it works for the cases you mentioned above.

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