Paypal Email on account is incorrect & click funnels not tracking sales

@samlee & @yassine ,

I’m having two issues…

#1: It’s seems as though my paypal sales are going to the email address I registered on funnelish and NOT the email I have listed as the default paypal email.

Also, in each individual funnel, under paypal ID, I have the correct email address which is the same as the one on my default paypal under “my account”

Please see this:

#2: I don’t think customers are getting redirected to my order confirmation page therefore Facebook pixel is not correctly getting triggered and facebook is not reporting the sale.

How do I fix this stuff?

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Hey @faixapreta

#1 Answer:
Ok, the assumption you’ve made on that well detailed :thumbsup: screenshot are so wrong.

The email you used to register, or the one you have on your account or code snippet has nothing to do with how we charge your customers.

In case you change the Default PayPal Business ID/Email under your Account -> Profile, then that will affect any funnels who have no PayPal ID or a broken one.

In case you changed the PayPal ID in your funnel then that should take effect Instantly (as long as you hit “Save Changes” of course).

I have a question though, Do you have two separate PayPal Accounts? or just two separate emails for the same PayPal account?

As if it’s the former then something in deed can be fishy, though logically it shouldn’t and it’s kind of impossible as well.
But if it’s the later, then You should keep in mind that PayPal will charge your customers using your Primary email address (from PayPal) which must be changed from within PayPal itself, no matter what email you use, as that email eventually is just used for authentication, not for receipts.

#2 Answer:

  • Have you added your OC page to the Funnelish funnel? If not then that’s the problem, if you did move to next assumption…

  • Are you using our Facebook Pixel App or just doing it manually?

In either case PM me your order form, and OTO in question and I’ll check them out.

@James thanks for the detailed reply…

Regarding issue #1 I have two seperate paypal accounts… not just one account with two different emails.

So the issue is definitely very fishy as there is no reason for my orders to be going to the account it went to (which is the funnelish account address).

Regarding the PM, I took down the funnelish integration as it was causing that issue with my live order flow… I also encountered when trying to checkout myself, when it took me to paypal it gave me an error like “this is not working right now.”

Will the paypal 2.0 integration fix all this stuff?

Regarding issue #2 I have not added my OC page to funnelish funnel. I will do that now.


That message from PayPal means that you have something wrong with your details, Either one of these:

  1. Currency is wrong, or not of a supported format, it should be something like this: USD, AUD, CAD…etc
  2. PayPal ID/Email is wrong (maybe mistyped!)
  3. Product price, maybe you used an invalid format (example used european numbers format)!
    Other than that I don’t think there is any other scenario where that could happen.

That is completely fine, just setup another dummy funnel for testing and test it out till you figure out what’s wrong, and we are always around to help with such cases.

PayPal Plugin (classic) should be more battlefield tested compared to the PayPal App 2.0, The new version is mainly destined at ecommerce, and it supports Multi-checkout and multi-quantity, and better testing options (like sandbox mode) and gateways switching…etc

In other words, PayPal v2, is not meant to fix issues in PayPal Plugin, but rather to enhance it’s features and to remove other limitations… If there is an issue with PayPal Plugin itself then it should be fixed just let us know more about it.

That’s the issue then :stuck_out_tongue: Funnelish doesn’t know where to take your customers next so it won’t take them anywhere.

As a sum up, we are interested to hear more about the PayPal issue you’ve had with multiple accounts earlier, so you may go ahead and setup a dummy funnel and let us know, we will be happy to debug that for you.


I take that back… I had the correct order confirmation page added into my funnelish funnel. So yes, there was an issue somewhere.

Ok that seems like tons of issues for a one guy to handle hhh :smiley: how you made it to fall into all of that in one day!!

Anyways we are still open to hear about those issues and get them fixed, no matter what, whether are on our Platform, or a 3rd party, there is always a way to get around bugs…so get a demo funnel up, and see if you can reproduce those issues, and send us the links we will debug them.