Paypal Error Page

Hey everyone, even though my paypal plug ins are set and my paypal email is set in my settings for my funnelish account AND funnelish funnel steps, i’m still getting this error page. Does anyone know why this could be? Something on paypal’s end perhaps? It’s directing to paypal so that’s a start?

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That error means either:

  1. The product price is 0 or misconfigured subscription double check that.

  2. You haven’t set a default PayPal account under Funnel > Settings. (only applies for PayPal Plugin).

  3. Your PayPal account has some restrictions on it (only applies for Funnelish Pay).

Can you check the above thoroughly, and if the problem is not fixed then just share your order form URL so we can have a look into it.

Hi, still having issues. My order form will start routing to paypal but I still get the same error message. Here is my URL link. Can you please give it a look and let me know if you find anything please?

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Hey @matteeb1 that URL is not working! can you update the URL or provide one that is working?

Sorry about that! Here is the updated link.

Looking forward to hearing back from you

@samlee Hi there, is there any update about my link not working? Thanks

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I think it’s your product name, using single quotes is not allowed by PayPal mostly… try changing that and see if it fixes the problem.

@matteeb1 sorry for the late reply and let me know how it goes,

Hey there! We tried that and it still doenst work. Im working with Matt on this funnle @samlee

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Can you PM me the order form URL or share it here, I’ll have a look into it.

First of all, let’s fix this problem:

Which apparently means you have added the Funnelish tracking code to your page twice! can you fix that first? Remove any duplicate funnelish code, Check under Funnel > Settings in Clickfunnels, or in your Order Form Head tracking code.

Sure, should this code just be under the clickfunnels settings, or should it also be present under each individual pages head tracking code?

Alright that issue is fixed, what do you recommend we do next please?

The code should only be added to Funnel > Settings once, don’t add it anywhere else.

I checked your page and it seems to work perfect, though was it intentional to have PayPal as the only payment option? or do you want to offer Credit Card as well?

Funnel is working correctly! Thank you so much for the help

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