PayPal Error: Things don't appear to be working at the moment


We’re having another problem. Please try purchasing the product at this URL: After selecting PayPal and clicking the buy button, we see this error:

We have confirmed that the webhook is correct, URLs are entered correctly in Funnelish, and the product information is also correct.


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That’s easier than you think :slight_smile:

That paypal error is known as “BAD PARAMETER ERROR”, it’s shown by Paypal when your product or payment settings aren’t configured correctly.


  • In your case above, all you need to do (on your funnelish account) is under your Account > Profile set the default Paypal ID (merchant email or ID). Or, under the funnel settings > Optional Add the Paypal ID/Email as well…

When you setup a default Paypal ID/Email on the account level under Account > Profile you don’t need to do it all the time on each funnel. But still you can override the default Paypal Email/ID by specifying one on the funnel level.


That step is listed as optional both in the Funnel settings and in your setup documents:

Is this now a required step? If so, it would probably save us a lot of trouble if it was listed as required and if the field itself was also set as required.

Are you confident this is what caused the problem? We had several customers try to use it without success, so I removed the Funnelish code and products again this morning. I’m hesitant to add them again as we’re getting a little gun-shy.

This seems to have corrected the problem. However, the page doesn’t redirect back to the sales page and the OTO page, so I can’t sell them on the OTO.

Are there additional setup steps over and above what’s listed in the documentation?

Here’s the sales page, which now works:
This is the OTO page we want the visitor to redirect to. However, PayPal just sits at a static screen.

Hi @PRMiller,

So first, with the default Paypal ID (i know we marked it as optional) since it can be optionally set within your account settings or within your funnel settings… I believe we will make it required during the setup process to avoid all problems :slight_smile:

Second, I don’t really think with funnelish, you need to remove any products or code from your funnel :slight_smile: , we have some immergency setup in case if something goes wrong or you need to urgently go back to CF default setup, just TURN OFF the app(s) that’s all you need to do:

Once turned off/on all your changes will get applied instantly Live.

Now with the OTO problem, hmm… Have you added your OTO step to our app?
When Paypal doesn’t know what step it should go to next, it will just stay there.
I checked your setup and I believe that’s the case :slight_smile: our platform doesn’t know which step to take your customers next, thus it stops at the Paypal’s default thank you page :slight_smile:

Generally, following the guidance provided on the button you can really go through that :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

PS. Please make sure to post any funnelish questions on either our forum or on our Facebook Group (Clickfunnels Practical - Funnelish)… We can’t provide support through CF’s main support website :slight_smile: