Paypal Guest Checkout?

Is there something that funnelish can do to allow Paypal Guest Checkout to appear as an option next to the login to your paypal account option.

Guest Checkout is available pretty much for everybody and allows to processed credit/debit card payments without the customer having a Paypal account.

However it seems to appear only when using an “Add To Cart” Paypal button and not a “Buy Now” Paypal button. Is there some trick perhaps that funnelish can apply to have it shown?

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Ahamm actually another user told us that PayPal currently doesn’t allow guest checkout on mobile but it works on desktop with current setup with both one time purchases and subscriptions…

So there is no way so far to force PayPal to make that option available on mobile as well

This document mentions that there is a setting that should be added to custom coded buttons or express checkout implementations to force it:

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