PayPal Instant Payment Notificaion not received by Clickfunnels

Hello everyone,

I’m new in this forum but I use Funnelish for a couple of months. First of all, I want to thank the team for this tool and I want to say that if I’m still supporting Clickfunnels bugs and lack of some necessary features instead of jumping to some competitor is thanks to your tool. Seriouly, CF needs to give you some extra commissions for every active user using Funnelish cause you are helping them reduce churn.

Concerning my problem, I want my customers to get their infoproduct access delievered by email as soon as they pay with PayPal. I followed the setup instructions but unfortunately it works one time out of 20! Most of the time, CF does not receive the info that a payment was made, the client waits for hours before my team notices the problem and sends the access manually. And this is really a pain in the *** because it is a primitive part of an online business : instant automated delivery of digital products.

Is this a known bug? Am I setting up something in the wrong way?

Thank you for your help and keep up the great work.

Best Regards.


Any help here? Thanks !

hmm, have you set up the tracking in Clickfunnels, by adding your products to the 3rd Party access area? ( I assume you did, since you said it works one time out of 20 which makes no sense tbh).

Do you see your sales tracked under the Orders tab in Funnelish? and are your sales tracked under the SALES tab in Clickfunnels as well? or are they partially tracked only?