PayPal not present on order form

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I’ve done everything that needs doing…

  • added the script to the head & verified that I see it in the source code
  • followed the Ecommerce Empire Builders installation video and double checked my entries
  • enabled PayPal in the funnel settings and in the Apps section
  • made sure I entered the PayPal email address I want to use
  • I reviewed a few threads where other people have had this same issue, and walked through & verified all that I could think of…

May I send you a pm with my order form URL so that you can have a look for me? Thanks!

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Just tried re-creating the order form from a blank template… no luck getting PayPal (or Fancy Credit Card) to work.

Yeah, that seems to be the easiest and fastest way to let you know what could be wrong :wink:

PM me the link

Hey @ugcrew,

I checked the page you sent me, and must say that page looks a bit awkward, I mean the code sneppit is added but it’s never triggered at all, so I have to assumptions:

  1. Maybe you added the code wrongling, or used Google Tags manager (even tho that should technically work).

  2. Or, that page is broken or cloned from a corrupt (old) order form, perhaps trying another page should work, I guess also your Facebook pixel, and other codes you might add there won’t be triggered correctly as well…

Other than the above your setup looks very fine, just when you want to create a new order form avoid cloning the corrupt one, because that will just clone the issue as well.

Let me know how that goes, and will be happy to assist you further to solve this :slight_smile:

Hey Samantha…

That’s odd, because it’s a brand-new order form… I built it from a blank template about 2 hours after I posted my original message asking for help.

Maybe the whole funnel is corrupt & I should rebuild…?

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Possibly but makes no sense, to be honest! since each page is independent on its own

Can you try it on another funnel, and let us enough time to check the other one further

I created a brand new funnel…same issue :tired_face:

I’ll PM you the URL of this new funnel… hoping there’s a relatively fast solution…

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It’s so weird… even in this brand-new funnel I can’t get ANY Funnelish apps to work… the new credit card, Facebook pixel, nothing works… lol I’m not a noob, I swear, but it feels like I am missing something too easy…

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Hi @ugcrew,

It seems working now, what did you do to get it to work?

Did you remove some specific code (like from some other app that might be interfering with ours) anything that might guide others in the right direction is appreciated :wink:

Hey Samantha,

I think maybe you’re looking at someone else’s funnel… when I look at my order form page, it still does not show or load a) PayPal as a payment option, b) the fancy credit card thing, or c) my Facebook pixel according to the Facebook pixel helper extension.

Where are you seeing this work?

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Ok this is weird, it took about 10 seconds after the page loaded, but the PayPal payment option eventually appeared.

All I did was re-create my funnel from scratch. I’m thinking the old one was corrupt, which is not hard to believe because it was shared with hundreds of people & duplicated many times over in my account.

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It completely replaced my credit card payment option though… so I still have more things to figure out. I want PayPal to be an option, not the ONLY method.

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That’s good to hear there is also the case where Clickfunnels or Cloudflare DNS takes too long to propagate your changes thus making your new changes appear in certain locations faster than others thinking that nothing of what you do is taking effect…

That’s very easy to fix, just go under /Apps > PayPal Plugin > Settings and enable both Credit Card and PayPal (it’s enabled by default, so I believe you accidently disabled it while trying to fix the previous problem)

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The PayPal payment option does not appear each time my order form loads… confirrmed on multiple browsers on my computer & my mobile phone & separate data plan.

You mentioned it could be a speed issue with the script loading… but there are times I wait 60+ seconds and the payment box does not change to include PayPal. Why is it so buggy for me?

I’m switching to PayPal v2 and so far it’s working more reliably :slight_smile:

@ugcrew, Actually v1 is more tested, and older compared to v2, but v1 has the tracking part with Clickfunnels which might be confusing for sure…

Let us know if still facing any problems and provide enough details to allow us to understand each case on its own :wink: