Paypal not redirecting back to Funnel

Hi Guys,

on one of my funnels after the initial paypal purchase it is not redirecting back to OTO 1 but instead getting stuck on processing forever. It is working fine on all my other funnels. Can you please advise how to fix this?

I have the same issue, created a new funnel with just three steps, activated auto redirect to merchant and did not reorder my funnels steps.

Side note: sometimes funnelish forgets the path for the pages and I have to add them again. If I do so, the products are still there.

Thanks in advance

I see in the return URL from paypal, that there is something wrong “&country.x=DE&locale.x=en_US#/no-next-step” but what can I do beside adding the step to the plugin and insert the URL from the funnel step? And I chose the one that clickfunnels creates after pasting it into the browser…

HI, today I have the same problem and Paypal don’t redirect to the next step in the funnel.

Paypal people says that I need to include an URL for redirecting back to the funnel. Is it true? I don’t know how to do that. Meanwhile customers can’t go forward in the funnel.

Can I get some help please?


K1573 do you give solution to your funnel? tks

Hello @Lau,

I built the OTO step (the one after the order form) new from scratch and now it is working. Okay, sometimes I get only a json response code in the browser when trying to redirecting to paypal, but that seems to be a different issue.