PayPal Not Reporting Back to ClickFunnels/Funnelish

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PayPal App Not Reporting Back After A Purchase Is Made

Issue Description

We’re using the regular PayPal integration, and it worked & sold someone correctly for our product, but the sale was never reported back to ClickFunnels OR Funnelish. I’m afraid:
1 - The recurring product he bought won’t recur since Funnelish didn’t see it
2 - We need automations to go off if someone buys, but the message needs to get back to ClickFunnels/Funnelish


Here is a video of our setup:

Thanks! Let us know if it’s an app issue or if we’ve set it up incorrectly. Thanks!


Hi Ben,

Thank you for the very detailed video :wink: It helped a lot understanding your case.

Though there was one little thing you didn’t mention, was the “Orders” tab in both Funnelish (first) and Clickfunnels.

As currently ALL Funnelish sales can be recorded within Funnelish under “Orders”. If they are not recorded for some reason (and your data tracking is on) then most likely it’s a PayPal issue.

We had very rare cases of badely configured accounts where the IPNs from PayPal aren’t reported back to neither Funnelish nor Clickfunnels… which can be fixed for sure :slight_smile:

So please make sure to check under Orders in Funnelish and let me know how it’s looking


Thanks Yassine!

I’ve checked the Order tabs both in ClickFunnels & Funnelish - nothing. Here’s a video:

I’m thinking it’s the IPN. How do I adjust that?


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Indeed Ben, that seems to be the case…

I PM’d you a link copy/past it into your PayPal IPN settings link, that should fix the problem for Funnelish, and Funnelish will also push the orders to Clickfunnels as well.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to settings in PayPal.

  2. Then My selling Tools.

  3. Search for “Instant payment notifications” and hit update.

  4. Paste the URL sent to you, and select Enabled

  5. Save your changes and give it a try.

Hope that helps :wink:

Hi Yassine,

I have the same problem. What should I do?


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Hi @Huu

So can you confirm that your Funnelish funnel doesn’t track any orders and that the orders tracking is enabled :slight_smile:

Hi, could you send me that link as well? I am having the same issue where the sales info is not being transferred back to Clickfunnels. I need it to be so customers can access the course they buy via Clickfunnels hosting. Thanks!

@yassine so what is supposed to go in the IPN notification URL field? I’m not clear on that. I am not seeing orders made with paypal/funnelish show up in clickfunnels.

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I’m also not seeing the orders populated in the “Order Summary” in clickfunnels. I assume that is related though…

Do you see your orders in Funnelish though?
If you see them which is mostly the case then you don’t really have to miss around with your IPN settings… IPN mis configuration is very rare case which requires you to adjust your IPN.

As for most cases, it’s either the Webhook Url is wrong, or the Cart Product ID is wrong or not copied correctly…