Paypal not working on order form

Hi Yassine,

I can’t install Paypal option on this form somehow.
It seems I set everything up as it should. I really can’t get it.

Could you check it for me ?


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We rolled out an update today’s morning, concerning multi gateways, which caused unwanted behavior on some older funnels using our Funnelish Apps (i.e. Paypal Plugin specifically).

Now we’ve got that issue resolved, so please feel free to switch on the paypal plugin on your funnel again.

Let me know if you’ve encountered anymore issues.


Hi Yassine,

no this one is different,
my gateways are open now.

I made this funnel today, after I switched them on…

There are two possible reasons for it not appearing on your funnel:

  1. Didn’t switch it on on both the Apps level and on the Funnel level (under Apps).
  2. Didn’t setup the correct funnel step url, in that order form case the URL given to our app should be (

Hope that helps.


it was the second option,
thanks a lot for your fast answer.

This funnel is on tomorrow ^^