Paypal option has disappeard from ALL funnels

It seems the Paypal option has disappeared from every one of my Clickfunnels order forms.\

This has caused Paypal sales to stop for 72 hours thus far.

I have not changed anything on the Funnelish end or the CF.

I rad about a recent similar issue with Stripe integration but I’m not using Stripe.

I tried creating a brand new order form with funnelish integration but still it does not work.

This is the second issue I’ve had with your app over the past 60 days and it’s causing me to lose alot of money.

Please look into this and fix it ASAP.

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Can you login normally to your Funnelish account? or has it been shut down for some reason?

Otherwise honestly just contact Funnelish support that’s the only way to findout what could be going on exactly, the only thing I assume might have happened is that you turned of PayPal app from within /Apps for all Funnels, otherwise nothing else could go wrong!