PayPal orders not showing in Funnelish OR Clickfunnels - but the ordering process still works

Hi There,

I setup the PayPal plugin into my client’s funnel. I put a real order through the paypal option on the order form. The order went through, I see the funds in the PayPal account and I was redirected to the OTO page.

The order however does not show in the Clickfunnels sales section or in Funnelish.

Thanks in advance,

If it doesn’t show in Funnelish that means there is a problem in your PayPal account, perhaps you are using some other software (or used some 3rd party software) that missed with your IPN settings…

Just contact us with your private account email address, or simply try a different PayPal merchant account :slight_smile:

Hi Yassine,

how do I “contact us”? Don’t see any support email or way of doing so.


Hi @yassine,

I would like to get my funnelish app working. Can you please let me know how I can contact you privately to give my email address to get this issue sorted?


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Hello @Kahylin,

Sorry your previous post went unseen, You can contact us at [email protected] that’s the fastest way to get your issues fixed, we can also assign one of our tech agents to have a look at your issues and assist you one-on-one :slight_smile:

but why they don t show in clickfunnels??? i don t understand

can someone help on here been sending you guys 5 emails and i get no support, not cool