PayPal Payment Create Membership Area Member

I am accepting payments via PayPal through my webinar funnel.

After someone completes a payment via PayPal I would like their information to be passed through to ClickFunnels to create a new account for them in the membership area.

I don’t even care about the stats being reported in ClickFunnels, I just want a new account to be created.

How can I do this?



Hey @checkman94,

Assuming that you did the following:

  1. Added your Funnel to Funnelish (with the appropriate Webhook Url).

  2. Added your Steps to your Funnelish funnel.

  3. Created your products inside each appropriate step in Funnelish.

Then here are the steps to follow:

  1. Each product on Funnelish has two special IDs
    You’ll need them in next step.

  2. In your Clickfunnels account under Settings scroll down to the 3rd party membership access section:

  3. Add your products again.

  4. For each product, select PayPal as the billing integration:

  5. And Paste your Cart Product ID given by Funnelish (the one you copied in the first step):

PS. The Webhook Url under your Cart Product box:
Is the one you should copy into your Funnelish Funnel webhook Url.

Hope that helps,


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