PayPal payment option not appearing properly

Hi me again. I’m really confused why this is not appearing 100% of the time on my funnel. I’m checking my order form multiple times a day from the same two phones. Sometimes the PayPal option is there, other times it’s not. Whenever it’s not there, refreshing the page always makes it appear.

I would like to suggest that I Pm you my order form URL and you check it 3 or 4 times a day to see the issue.

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Actually I think I have a better troubleshooting suggestion…

Could someone from your technical team show me how to use Chrome’s dev console to check if the Funnelish script is loaded properly on my webpage? This way, when I noticed that it’s not loading, I will be able to help trace the issue.

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Absolutely, please pm me and @yassine your order form page and we will keep an eye on it, though i suspect it could be that you using some other script in your page that might break, when it does nothing after it will get loaded (including Funnelish).

For dev tools, if you don’t see the plugin shown that means it’s not loaded, I don’t think there is an easy way to have dev tools in mobile,

By the way does it break on desktop too? and how often once in 10 times? or less or more? even though even once in 1000 is not fun or acceptable for us.

Don’t forget to PM me the link

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Thanks for your response I appreciate it. I will create something to help me and you keep track of the problem and I will Pm you soon :slight_smile:

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Hi samlee, I think we can forget about this for now. I believe the issue was with Click Funnels’ content distribution network. I made an obvious change to my order form in Click Funnels and was able to confirm that sometimes it showed up & other times it didn’t. After a couple of days, the change was synchronized and at the same time the PayPal option was appearing consistently. Therefore, I believe this was 100% the “fault” of a technical issue with Click Funnels.