Paypal Plugin and affiliates tracking

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Funnelish and Clickfunnels.
I see in Backpack limitations that it only supports affiliate tracking for sales that are processed via Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, EasyPayDirect, and NMI. So Paypal payments are not supported :worried:

Does your Paypal plugin remove this limitation and give us the opportunity to provide commissions on Paypal sales ?


That’s kind of a good question,
We had some cases where backpack doesn’t track Paypal sales correctly and we had to add them manually… But in other cases it works for Paypal and Stripe alike…

Hopefully CF Backpack will be tracking those more reliably…CF support says that Backpack only tracks Stripe & Braintree sales (if I still remember), though for some reason it does work in many cases for PP as well.

So as a sum up, Backpack seems to work fine with one-time PayPal purchases (it tracks all events, purchases, refunds, cancellations), but for subscriptions it tends to miss subsequent charges.

Sorry for the delay :slight_smile: and thanks for bringing this up to my attention

Any answer to this?..