PayPal Plugin and Zapier

I am currently trying to set up an integration with the PayPal plugin and Zapier so I can use a new purchase in Paypal as the trigger for a zap with a series of actions that depends on customer data. While running tests I found that the Paypal Plugin uses the same IPN that Zapier tries to use.
I also read in Zapier support:
Note: If the plugin/service overrides Zapier's IPN URL in your PayPal account, you'll need to disable it to allow Zapier's URL to persist as the default IPN URL.
I assume we cannot disable the IPN URL from Funnelish, is there any workaround to send the correct customer data to Zapier when someone makes a purchase in the funnel using your app?

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You are doing it wrong, you are trying to Link Paypal to Zapier and that’s completely wrong.

Since paypal can ONLY be linked to one platform (either Clickfunnels or Zapier).

thus you MUST do it this way:

  1. Setup your Paypal integration with Clickfunnels the way it should be.

  2. Connect Zapier to Clickfunnels (mostly using Webhooks).

  3. When a purchase arrives through Paypal to Clickfunnels, Your Zap will be notified and your actions will get triggered.

that’s the healthy way of doing it, as for trying to interfer with Paypal’s logic isn’t really recommended, and also Paypal itself only supports a single IPN which is CF’s.

hope that helps!

Hello @yassine,

I have a funnel that should trigger a zap after a purchase happen inside clickfunnels.

The problem is that my natural stripe integration do trigger the zap but the paypal purchase with funnelish is not triggering.

The purchase is being reflected into my paypal account but not in “sales” in clickfunnels

Any idea why this is not working?

hmm… I believe you got something wrong on your Tracking, check these:

  1. Make sure your Webhook Url is entered correctly in Funnelish funnel.

  2. Double check that the (Cart Product IDs) given by Funnelish are entered correctly within Clickfunnels.

Other than that there is really no reason why it shouldn’t work :slight_smile: let me know if you still got the same issue.

Hello @yassine, thanks for answering.

I just double check both things but the problem remain.

I can share with you mi cf login data via lastpass. Can you take a look? do you have a lastpass account?

hmm… yup sure!

Just what worries me, is there is a rare case where the IPN doesn’t work on a CF accounts but that’s again very rare, and I think can be solved by simply contacting CF support.

In order to make sure it’s the case you’ll need to make a demo funnel or funnel step with the Paypal button in it, using the guidance in CF’s own tutorials… in case that doesn’t work that means it’s not working on your whole account…which I hope is not the case

Is the problem solved? Because I have the same problem…