Paypal plugin not showing on order form

Hi Everyone,

I Just Signed Up To Funnlish and i am having problem with integrating paypal which i already setup normally according to Peter dru’s video but still can’t see the paypal option whenever i preview my clickfunnel page.

What’s happening please?

order form:

I see you managed to get this sorted, I just signed up and followed the guide and its not working either.

What did you do to fix this?

I found out i made a mistake when creating the products on funnelish, You’ve given funnelish (steps) the wrong URL.

As in Clickfunnels each step has two URLs (if not three).

  • The Step’s own URL is:


Which is what most use, and think it’s the correct URL.

The actual URL though that MUST be used is the one shown when the page is loaded in the browser