Paypal Plugin Version 1 or Version 2?

Hi guys,

I just realized that there is a Version 2 of Paypal plugin. I am not sure what is the difference, but I notice that the old plugin (version 1) is no longer working.

The Paypal option just went missing from my checkout form.

Any idea how to fix it, or i must go with version 2?

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Hi @edy,

So first of all about v1, there was a temporary down time this morning but it got fixed as soon as we were aware of it :wink: so it should appear back… your CF Credit Card Form should’ve been functional during the down time too.

We just made an update in this thread :

As for difference between V1 and V2, Mainly V2 is for ecommerce mostly… it doesn’t work for subscriptions… but it works great for Cart mode, or multi checkout and multi quantity… that’s the only difference, V2 is certainly the base for more updates but currently It cannot report sales back to Clickfunnels, but its sales can be recorded in Funnelish.

V2, has also smooth experience, and sandbox gateways, and multi gateway option… it has also instant redirection from OTO to next OTO… so it’s definitely worth trying :slight_smile: