PayPal Plugin with ClickFunnels TWO STEP Order Form: creates TWO BUYERS in Active Campaign

Have PayPal plugin appearing smoothly in the interface with ClickFunnels 2-step order page:

Problem 1.
EVEN WHEN the “Use Optin email” toggle is set on all products in the Funnelish Active Campaign Automation:
Funnelish gives PayPal buyers 2 unique records in Active Campaign following a purchase in which the PayPal login email is different from the personal email used on the order form.

  • Funnelish is recording two emails for one buyer into Active Campaign as if they were two unique buyers.

  • I thought with the toggle, I should not see a second email record for the buyer in Active Campaign.

  • The second record looks like a visitor who abandoned without a purchase, so I have a list of automated emails to send them to invite them back to purchase. But they made a purchase!

  • Would FunnelishPay solve the 2-records for 1-buyer issue if they select PayPal?

Problem 2, unsure WHY
The buyer who paid by PayPal has NO PRODUCT showing up on the product summary in ClickFunnels order confirmation page. Where the product name and price should show up, there’s nothing on the page.

The Active Campaign automation is set up correctly as far as I can tell - the PayPal receipt gets emailed from PayPal to the buyer, and our order confirmation email from Active Campaign gets emailed to the buyer, so that’s all working.

Who can help? Anyone seen this issue before?

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Hi @Liz,

Very sorry for replying late to your post, and I’ll be happy to answer all your questions,

Solution 1:

That actually mostly means you have another automation somewhere else that’s creating that non-buyer in your ActiveCampaign list, it could be another automation within the same funnel or it could be triggered from within Clickfunnels, I’d recommend that you check if there are any other automations that are causing that, Or send us an email to [email protected] and one of our agents will assist you over screen sharing to find the root of the problem.

Not necessarily, since the problem is not caused by PayPal Plugin per say, but it can help reduce the complexity for you quite a lot, but again it all depends on your use-case.

Solution 2

And, that is exactly something that Funnelish Pay does that the “PayPal Plugin” app cannot do, But we generally in most cases recommend our users if they want to use the PayPal Plugin to avoid having an “order confirmation element” on their thank you page because it will not show the break down of orders they’ve bought on PayPal.

Hope that helps, do let me know how it goes and will be happy to assist you further :slight_smile: