PayPal Product Purchase not registering in CF Contact Account

Ok, I’m so close to getting this to work but I can’t seem to figure this last bit out.

My funnel is simple:
Sales Page >
Order Form >
OTO Upsell >
OTO Downsell >
Thank You >
Membership Area

My purchase options not so much…

Main offer:

  • I offer both Stripe and Paypal through the PayPal plugin. (This is setup properly for both S & PP)
  • On both, I have a 1 time payment or 3 installment option. (This is setup properly for both S & PP)

The upsell offers 1 product. (Set up for both S & PP)

The downsell offers 4 different products. (Went through and used the extra code and CSS workaround, so this step works properly)

My membership area has a lot of different sections, each has it’s access restricted based on products purchased. (not tags) I’ve added both the Stripe products and the PayPal products to the appropriate lesson sections.

All purchase paths have been tested and are working properly.

My issue:

Customer purchases main product through paypal (either 1 time or payment plan), buys whatever upsells they choose, gets sent to thank you page, clicks through to create member login, logs in, and sees a blank portal.

Customers that purchase through Stripe get their content.

When someone goes to create their membership login with their paypal email, Clickfunnels is not registering their products purchased, so they aren’t getting access to their respective portal areas.

Please help!

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PayPal products. (I used the webhook URL from the “Funnelish” product for this funnel inside of Funnelish.)21%20AM

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Hey @BenFunnels,

That’s a very common problem when dealing with memberships, as Clickfunnels will track your memberships with the users’ “payer” email not their optin one…

Which means, if a customer opts into your Funnel using email A and then buys through PayPal using email B, Clickfunnels will assign the purchase to the payer email (not the optin one)… Which means the Email that will get authorized access to see your restricted membership sections will be email B (ie. the payer email)…

Funnelish does track both the Payer and the Optin emails of every customer (you can find that by clicking on each customer email under Funnel > Orders or Customers in your Funnelish account) and can be used through our product automations (ie. sending an email to the optin email or the payer email or both)… But, there is no way to force Clickfunnels to use the optin email…

Workaround for the above:

There is an easy workaround for the above, which is to simply notify your customers in the registration page of your membership that they have to use their payer email not their optin one…

Also, remember by using the payer email, you can easily handle refunds, cancellations…etc

One last thing (should’ve been first), Does your funnel track PayPal orders correctly, do you see your PayPal sales under the SALES tab in Clickfunnels and under the Orders tab in Funnelish? If not then that’s your first problem and need to double check your webhook Url and Cart Product IDs?

Let me know how it goes will be happy to help you out :wink: