Paypal Purchases Missing Shipping Info

I’m using the paypal plugin to get shipping fees for free samples. I’m getting payments, but I’m not getting the buyer’s shipping info in clickfunnels. My order form won’t allow the buyer to proceed to Step 2 without entering their address… Why does it not show up in their Contact Profile after paying with Paypal?

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does it show up as a SALE? under your SALES tab on your CF funnel? if not then please follow the instructions to setup the webhook URL and 3rd Party Products correctly :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I will need to investigate the case more deeply :slight_smile: generally speaking, when a customer optes in to your funnel using email X, and then they purchase your products using Paypal email for person/business Y. the purchase info will be setup for the Y email not X. that’s just how CF works it treats each separate email address as a unique lead.

Hope that helps, Let me know if you have any more questions,

It does show up as a sale in CF. I had set up the webhook URL and 3rd Party Products correctly, and it was working properly (I was getting shipping addresses). Then, I lowered the price. That’s when the addresses stopped coming in. The webhook url is still correct… Can I make a change to the price, or do I need to start from scratch and create a new product?

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Indeed you can make changes to your price (on both CF and funnelish), we usually do that for testing and it seems working fine.

I believe what you could have done (maybe) is you accidently changed the name of your product’s thus the (product ID) has changed which should be updated through CF :slight_smile:

Please check that case above, and see if it’s the case, generally speaking changing the price is so fine, so check for a more of an accidental change or something :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!