Paypal Sales Not Showing In ClickFunnels

Hey there,
I was told sales and conversions made through PayPal are gonna show up in the Stats Section of the funnel, but it’s not showing anything for me.

Launched a funnel about an hour ago and got a couple of sales (all through PayPal) but none of them are showing in the stats section. I set-up everything correctly as shown in this video:

So like am I wrong and stats shouldn’t show in CF or is something wrong?

Thank you.

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SALES coming in that’s a good thing :slight_smile: means you’ve done it.

STATS not showing, that’s a known CF limitation, Clickfunnels cannot show STATS for sales made through gateways on their 3rd party section (I don’t know why!)… on both their dashboard and their STATS tab.

So for the time being, mostly you’re going to need to rely on the STATS given by your Funnelish™ Dashboard!

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are you guys working on bringing all of the stats on the funnelish dashboard? so we can see how our stuff is really converting in one place?

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We have plans to improve that, quite a lot so rest assured that it’s getting improved regularly…

Does this mean also that the solution clickfunnels + funnelish + apptrends into shopify doesn`t work?

Because apptrends needs the data from clickfunnels, in other words this is a “fulfilling nightmare” are there any solutions to that?

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Actually I never personally used apptrends! so have no clue how it works!

But if they do work with Clickfunnels webhooks, then at that point it’s up to Clickfunnels to push 3rd party sales to apptrends (and other apps).

PayPal role ends by pushing the sales to Clickfunnels that’s it.

For solution, we got some short to medium term, including a deal with some Chinese suppliers to get you a hands free autopilot super fast fulfillment process along quality control and other stuff… (I am a dropshipper part time so I know the pain you guys go through).

Hope that helps!