PayPal Sales Not Showing Transaction ID

Hi everyone!

When my clients pay via Stripe, there’s a Charge Id and that posts in the “Sales” page as a Transaction Id.

When my clients pay via PayPal, there’s a CTA Trans Receipt, however this one doesn’t post in the “Sales” page as a Transaction ID.

Essentially this means that Clickfunnels is NOT showing the sale in the Stats section. It comes up in the “Sales” section, however that doesn’t help keep track of everything in graph format and doesn’t count toward 2CC membership.

The graphs consist of: Gross Revenue + Successful Purchases

When I’m referring to the “Sales” section, it’s a link that appears in the blue bar, once you’ve clicked your funnels name.

Any ideas?


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Can somebody help me with this, please?

Thank you.

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Hey James,

Indeed Clickfunnels does not record the Transaction ID for PayPal sales and I do not think there is anyway we can force them to do that…

When it comes to the STATS tab yes it won’t show the PayPal sales stats and we tried to contact CF support about it many times long time ago, and where told it will get solved but it never did…

I don’t think that Clickfunnels will deny to accept sales that are made through Funnelish on their platform… If they do we might end up having our own trophy too then :wink:

Hello @samlee :slight_smile:
Have there been any update on this since November ?
Thank you,