Paypal second funnel

i have the paypal plugin on one of my funnels and it’s amazing. It’s working perfectly! Thank you.
Now… I want to use this plugin for a second and a third funnel. Is it possible? I did it in my second funnel and it apears but once I click the button it doesn’t work. It doesn’t bring you to the paypal page. Don’t get me wrong, it works fine on my first funnel. Is it Only for One funnel or i can use it for multiple funnels? Thanks

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Hello @Gstep,

You can absolutely use our PayPal plugin on as many funnels as you want, The problem you are having is likely a setup issue maybe when you created your products you had wrong price or something wrong with the setup if you can share your order form can check it out for you and let you know how it goes…


yes! Should i just paste the link?

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@Gstep I believe the problem is that you don’t have any optin email box in that page… It’s a must have for PayPal to work :wink:

PS. In case you take the email on another step and don’t want to offer it again on the order page then you can keep the field hidden.