*** PayPal shipping address not attached to customer when they purchase OTO ***

Somehow I got a lot of orders that don’t had addresses attached to them?

I just tested my funnel and they CANNOT proceed without inputting their address.

So how did this happen??

I have to email them 1 by 1 now to get their address lmao.

Could you please let me know!


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hmm… Did you check that perhaps their addresses were assigned to the purchase email instead of the optin one? also can you share specific cases to investigate.

I have a bunch of these:

How would I do that step? I am aware that I can assign purchase email vs optin for the automations , but this isn’t related to the email automations

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Ok I’ll investigate each case separately and see what can we find :slight_smile:

In my specific account I would say that on each given order page about 50% are missing the shipping info :disappointed_relieved:

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damn! that’s kind of unexpected… Can you pm me the order form link? and have you had any sort of customization or something that might prevent Funnelish from picking up your customers’ optins?

Not that I can think of. I just have a custom JS file for an image slider… but I didn’t have that before. This happened from day 1 basically

I don’t have Funnelish Pay app on, just PayPal v2. I also have the smart address plugin on

@yassine I think I found the problem !!!

Customers who purchased the OTO did not have their shipping address assigned to their:

  1. order form page order
  2. OTO page order

This happened to 100% of the people who purchased the OTO with PayPal v2.

It did not happen to anyone who just purchased the product from the Order Form!!

Please help me fix this asap! I can’t do anything until this is fixed :frowning:


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Thank you for the detailed explanation and debugging it will certainly help us solve this fast, so sorry about the issue.

Ok thank you so much Samantha, please keep me updated!

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Hi @mfilev,

The issue has been resolved :wink: now all OTO buyers will have an address too.

Thank you for reporting this issue, keep up the good work.

  • Let me know if still facing any issues…

Thank you again

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Just tested and it works !!

Also I am loving the new changes on the Order’s Page :heart_eyes:

I am so happy I stuck with you guys through all the little problems.

Will become an affiliate for this app very soon and recommend it wherever possible!



You welcome @mfilev,

If you need help launching any affiliate campaigns for us, make sure to start a new topic in the affiliate section :wink: we have some offers being prepared and stuff so it’s really the right time to jump into our affiliate program.

Thank you for being an awesome contributor…