Paypal transaction report doesn't show the shipping address

I just noticed that when a customer buy from my ClickFunnels account through your Funnelish payment plugin the address linked to Paypal customer account isn’t showed at all. And it is a problem as I have to ship physical goods to them. In this way for any purchase I have to ask to each customer for their address.
I ever experienced the same problem using traditional Paypal payment buttons codes.
I also saw the same issue reported from another user but your answer is still missed.

How can I fix this problem?

Thank you. Manuel

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Hi @Prana,

Can you please link the other unanswered question about that.

And as far as I know, the PayPal App does track customers emails just fine! Can you check your funnel (on Funnelish) under Orders, and see if you can find the exact Order to whom the email address is missing, you can also PM me the details of that transaction in question.

Also I believe if you can’t find your orders under the SALES tab on Clickfunnels that means mostly you haven’t done your tracking info right :slight_smile: (Cart Product ID’s and the Webhook URL)

Can you provide further details please.

Dear Samlee,

Thank you for you replay.

This is the link to the unanswered question:

Both in Funnelish and in ClickFunnels I can see the email address through the sales report, but I cannot see any physical address (that is the address where I have to ship the good purchased by the customer).

I point your attention on the fact that the missing physical address happens only when I use Funnelish and doesn’t happens if I use a simple direct payment link with Paypal (that is a Paypal button code). In this last case I always received both the physical address and the customer email from Paypal automatically.


Dear Samlee,

Sorry I just found the general info (with the physical address) onto the contact profile of ClickBank.

Thank you!


I’m sorry, but I’m really lost now!

Just to point out the question you linked, has nothing to do with your case. In fact it’s more like a feature request to sync customers shipping address to PayPal (for seller protection purposes)…

That’s really it

I made a typing mistake, not Clickbank, I meant ClickFunnels obviously as we are speaking about ClickFunnels from the very beginning.

Anyway, the comment link I pointed to seems about the same problem (paypal address missed) and it’s still unanswered, isn’t it?

Then, as I said you, after a deeper search finally I found the whole physical address onto the ClickFunnels contact area “General info” (this came from the ClickFunnels order form linked to Funnelish plugin). So, even if I still found strange to not see any physical address in the Paypal report (sent by email both to the customer and to the vendor) when I customer buy through a the Funnelish plugin, I can find the physical addresses for every purchases into ClickFunnels. So this way I solved this problem.

Thank you.


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Yeah, Funnelish doesn’t send Shipping address info to PayPal, since PayPal allows users to change it and that’s not something Funnelish can handle at the moment :slight_smile:

It can be added to our list of #TODOs certainly.

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Dear Samantha, yes of course! please add it to you #TODO list.

Best regards,


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