PayPal V 2.0 Stuck Processing


I have set up PayPal V2.0 for my funnel but when I select PayPal to check out I get a message: “
Security header is not valid” and sometimes a red “Could not find payment information” appears inside of the order form.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Additional PayPal V2.0 Questions:

  • What is supposed to be entered in the Gateway name?
  • Username and password are the PayPal account login I assume?



I’m having the same issue.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something for PayPal v 2.0, but I can’t seem to find any clear instructions on how to set this up anywhere…

It would be super helpful to have a video walkthrough of how to set up PayPal v2 (both from within PayPal dashboard and from Funnelish).



Hi @Chris_Heckman,

That behavior (not proceeding) should be expected when no gateway has been configured, or wrong details were provided. Which brings me to the other two questions you asked:

The Gateway Name can be anything you want, something that helps you find that gateway easier when needed (it should be unique though).

No! That’s not correct,
The gateway credentials can be “sandbox” testing ones, or can be “live” ones you can create as many gateways in each and keep switching them up as you need.

I’ve wrote a full article about that in here:

Please read it :slight_smile: and you may leave any questions related to the subject in that article…

Nerds don’t make videos David hhh :joy::rofl:

I’ve wrote an article about the full setup of a PayPal gateway in here:

Check it out, and you may leave me any questions you might have in that thread.