Paypal V1 - Use different pricing based on country [RESOLVED]

We are trying to use a code we’ve found on that changes the price of a product depending on the delivery country (US or Non-US).

I am trying to figure out exactly how to make that work with Paypal Plugin V1. So far we are only able to show up the cheaper US pricing for a product but not the more expensive Non-US pricing.

We’ve played around with the product order with no luck so far.

Any input would be appreciated how we can make it work.

I can PM order page to take a look at the specific order form.

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Hi @niksaev,

Perhaps it’s a good idea to share your solution :wink: Perhaps there are others that might find it useful :slight_smile:

So I do use a custom script that I got from (just view source and with a little bit of tweaking you will make it work).

The problem was that I did not arrange the product properly in Funnelish as they need to exactly match the order in the Products tab in Clickfunnels.

As my setup was a little bit more complex than what normally people would use I just created same/duplicate products for number 1, 2, 3 in order to have the same number of products (and same order) as in Clickfunnels.