Paypal v2 as The Only Payment Getaway

Hi all,

I hope I can get my issue solved as I spent the whole day trying to figure it out!

I have only the Paypal v2 as a payment getaway inside my CF account because I’m a non-US citizen, so I can’t have stripe.

I created sandbox & live getaways inside Paypal using the following link and connected them to Funnelish.

In the beginning, I’ve created the products inside my order form in CF and used Paypal v2 as the payment getaway (that’s the only that I currently have).

It didn’t change the Paypal blue buttons and I didn’t get the Paypal&Credit cards square from Funnelish, so I tried to add the products using the 3rd Party Membership Access as you do it when using Paypal app v1, but it doesn’t help as well.

How can I use Paypal v2 in my funnel?

Looking forward to any response.


Hi @Doron91,

That’s pretty easy, Go under Account > Gateways (in your Clickfunnels account) and create a new gateway (I know you don’t have another one but just bare with me :wink: ). Go ahead and pick for instance “Bluesnap” as your new gateway, you’ll be asked to input your gateway credentials… put in anything at all (eg. API KEY can be “ABCD” and Secret Key can be “1234”) any random text. and then hit create.

Afterwards use that recently created gateway to create your products inside CF… Avoid using PayPal v2 from CF because it will not allow Funnelish to work properly.

Once you’ve done the above, just go to your Funnelish account under Apps > PayPal Plugin (settings) and disable credit card as a payment option. that way you have all your funnels working through PayPal as long as they are added to Funnelish.

Also, would be interesting to know which payment gateways are available for your country do you have any idea?

Hope that helps, do let us know how it goes,


Hi! Thanks for the quick reply!!

By saying Paypal Plugin, do you mean v1 or v2?
if it’s v1 that means that I need both turned on inside funnelish app settings, not inside funnel it self - there I’ll have only v2 turned on, that’s correct?

and no idea regarding the payment getaways in my country to be honest.

Yes, I meant V1 (it’s listed in the Apps page as “PayPal Plugin”) that’s the only one you need to have activated under both /Apps (global apps) and under your Funnel > Apps.

You may use other Apps alongside it as well, (we recommend Fancify, Proofy and the Facebook Pixel Apps as a start).

Nope, Disable PayPal App v2, as that is set to be disabled pretty soon :slight_smile: and replaced by a newer app.

Well, you may look into it :slight_smile: and then write a feature request on this forum maybe our team might find it tempting enough to build an app for it or integrate it into the platform :wink:

Hope that helps, feel free to ask me if have any questions

Hey, any updates on PayPal V2? Is it working again? Last I used it, I was getting duplicate orders at random times. But this also happened with the CF Pro Tools PayPal Plus plugin I tried later on, so it looks to be not a Funnelish-specific issue.

Let me know. Appreciate all your work :slight_smile:

Hello @Mark, we do not have any issues using PayPal as the only payment gateway, if you get duplicate orders for some reason or have any advanced issues I recommend that you reach out to us at [email protected] and ask for an agent to be assigned for you, they’ll look into your case and they can assess it in a one-on-one call with you, that’s the best/fastest way to get any complex issue solved :slight_smile:

Do let me know if have further concerns or have further details on your issue I’ll be more than willing to help :slight_smile: