PayPal v2 + Fancify Order Summary Total Bug

The order summary total needs to be formatted with only 2 decimal places when the order bump is selected.


(And if you could fix it so the credit card year fully shows up when the 2 step order form is one step narrower that’d be awesome!)


For that we have an App called Fancy Credit Card did you check that app? It doesn’t just fix that problem, but also makes MM/YY formatting way better, and the CVC as well, and it validates the credit card number on the fly and lots more stuff… you can also have a card preview (which you can disable if not needed).

As for the summary total bug: Roger that :wink: It’s going to be fixed, thank you for letting us know @dstack.


Awesome, thanks!

I’ll check out the Fancy Credit Card app too.

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@dstack That bug has been fixed David :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting it, let us know if you come across anything else.

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Awesome - thanks for the update!