PayPal v2 not working - order form won't submit!

Hey guys,

Something is going on with PayPal v2. Everything is set up correctly, the order form doesn’t submit - nothing happens when I click Order Now. PayPal v1 works, but it doesn’t take me to OTO page once purchase is complete, so I need v2.

This used to work before.


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The button gets stuck at Processing :frowning:

I tried with another funnel same thing happening, so it’s not from the funnel end

I am getting: #order-declined-message

I just changed the URL to /order1 instead of /order to clear the cache, and I’m getting this now??!!

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I have the same problem

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Hello @mfilev,

Can you please email us at [email protected] with the order form URL, i believe it could be that PayPal has the digital products feature disabled on that account you are using.

Also for that screenshot i believe you have enabled both v1 and v2 on the same page…

How do you fix the issue? I have the same trouble. @mfilev