Paypal v2 option with Clickfunnels

Hi there.

I want to have something clear before I purchase funnelish account.
Since my only option for using payment gateways in Clickfunnels, I need to have PayPal.

I am using Paypal v2 and there is one thing I need to clear out here, In my current funnel when purchasing items my customer need to sign in to Paypal and that is ok, but when it comes to OTO´s pages my customer need to sign in again instead of having just press the purchase button and automatically charged from Paypal account.

How does this work with funnelish? Is it possible for my costumer just press purchase button and BOOM product automaticly taken from card/account??

Do you have video of this step?

Best regards

Unfortunately, that’s not yet supported… Once it is you’ll have to apply for Reference Transactions to be enabled manually by PayPal staff…

Our App, can be used in two step order forms, order bumps, and alongside existing gateways without redoing your funnel.

So if we do have reference transactions enabled by Paypal how exactly does this work?