Paypal v2 OTO Upsell Not Working!


I am using sandbox to test my funnel with Paypal v2 app.

When I enter my CC details (for PayPal) it takes me to the OTO page, but when I click on the upsell button, it just says “Working” and the page goes nowhere.

What should happen at this point? The page should continue going through the funnel steps or will it bring the customer back to Paypal to pay again?

Please help me find a solution.

Thank you!

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I set up the sandbox business Paypal in my settings for the funnel and used the personal sandbox paypal Credit Card to check out with.

Still no fix. Will wait for your response. Thanks!

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Can you please share your order form URL, Generally it should work fine… as long as you have your OTO page connected/added to Funnelish.

Also, what do you mean by CC details?! Are you trying to checkout using Credit Card for Stripe and then trying to use PayPal later!

I just sent you a PM with the order form!

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