Paypal v2 / paypal plugin with credit card

Hello! Is it possible to have a PAYPAL plugin with a credit card option? I know in PAYPAL V2 integration in clickfunnels, sometimes it shows an option for a bank account or card for a customer. But for limited country only. I am loosing a lot of purchases because customers don’t see the CREDIT CARD option. I cannot make stripe because my country doesn’t support stripe. And my paypal business account is fully verified already.

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in PayPal depending on your customers location they will be offered different payment options but all those options will be processed through your PayPal account (so PayPal itself would be sufficient in your case)


  1. If your customer is visiting from Canada or USA, then they will be shown three options: Paying with PayPal account, Paying through PayPal Credit or Paying through Credit Card.

  2. If they are from GB, AU and most other tier 1 countries, they will be shown the option to Pay using PayPal or through a credit card without login in or creating an account.

  3. Other countries: It depends on the regulations on each countries, some governments require PayPal to collect a National ID number and other details (somewhat of a sign up process) before collecting a payment from them, it all depends on the local regulation on each country your customers are visiting from.