PayPal V2: Redirect to Order Page after PayPal instead of OTO

I’m using PayPal V2 for my Ecom funnel. On the order page, I have Stripe and Paypal via Funnelish.
I connected PayPal V2 via a Sandbox Gateway. Stripe works fine.

The page also uses CFPT CF best Seller Highlight and CFPT CF Order Summary.

The general Checkout with PayPal seems to work. But after successful payment, I get redirected back to the original order page instead of the OTO.

Here’s the order page:

What am I missing?

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Did you add the OTO pages to your Funnelish funnel correctly? are they sorted correctly?

Yes, the funnelish funnel is exactly like the funnel on CF.
I added the OTO page as OTO with product.

May this be the issue: I have two order forms in the funnel (one 20% off accessible only via the exit pop). This is the first step of the funnel. The “normal” order form is step 3 after the sales page.

However, the “20%-Off” order form is not involved when getting this behavior.

Here is the Funnelish account ID: 1251

Can also share the funnel with you, but not here since it’s a client’s funnel.

Thanks for the help!

A quick update: I noticed that the URl gets exteded by “#order-declined-message” when clicking the Submit button on the order page.

What could be the reason?

I tested now for a couple of hours, recreated the funnel, combined different configurations, and cannot make it work. I switched back to PayPal V1, but please let me know if you have an idea how to fix this …

To be honest, it’s very frustrating that there is no step by step instruction for PayPal V2 that explain the entire process (not only the gateways). I created the PayPal V2 Gateways (Sandbox and Live), and created the product like for PayPal V1 (even though it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether there are the 3rd party integration products in CF or not).

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