Pixel doesn fire any events except View Content

Hi! I have installed my FB pixel in your app. I checked all my pages with FB pixel helper and what I see is only ViewContent and Microdata Info. No purchase, initial checkout etc. What I have to do to make it works right?

Btw my page for example is https://www.snor-doctor.club/order-form

Thank you!

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Update :slight_smile:

When I goes through opt in page (sales page) and visit order form Lead event fires as well now.

Lead and Initial Checkout - is it the same ones?

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hmm, I visited that page and the ViewContent event fired just fine, as soon as I landed on the page,

After optin, the Lead or Add to cart events get fired too (you can control that from “Your Funnel” > Settings > Apps,

InitiateCheckout event, I believe it’s also fired upon a new lead comes through, but I am not sure of that yet…

Can you tell me which event is being fired that is not supposed to, or which is supposed to be fired but is not being fired? that way I can double check your order form :slight_smile: