Plugin: Smart Address Filler For Clickfunnels

YAY :heart_eyes:
Today (September 17, 2017) launched the beta version of our new Clickfunnels plugin/app (aka “Smart address”) which will let your customers do this:

##How to enable this app on my funnels?
That’s the good thing about this app no coding is needed AT ALL all you have to do to enable this app on your funnels and account is:

  1. Login to your funnelish app account.

  2. Under “Apps”, find “Smart Address Plugin” and switch the active button.

  3. Now for each of your funnels (for which you want to enable this app) Do the following:

  4. Go to your Funnels, and Select your funnel, and hit the Edit button.

  5. Under Apps, Find the “Smart Address” App and activate it.

Or watch this short Gif :smiley: it’s super easy to get this app enabled on your funnels:


That’s it! Now on your funnel your customers/visitors will be able to give out their addresses so easily and most importantly “correctly” no more wrongly typed addresses.

P.S. As of today this app, is currently in “Beta” but you can safely use it on production mode.

Funnelish with Love :heart:

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@yassine are you running into the issue of the webpage/ browser asking the user for permission to their current location?

A popup opens on both desktop and mobile stating: “” Would Like To Use Your Current Location

It then says Don’t Allow and Allow. See image attached.

Is there a work around to stop this dialog box from opening? I know shopifys implementation has some way around this, and same with the script I used in the past on shopify when they did not support the Google Autocomplete and Autofill.

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Is this due to the state selector being required from CF Pro Tools?

I saw that link on this post, but it seemed to work fine without it at first, then I started seeing this permissions popup.

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That’s actually a good heads up, I never thought it would be that bad in mobile.
I don’t think it has anything to do with Clickfunnels pro tools, It’s just google trying to find the location of it’s users.

That helps alot in suggestions, thus our app will auto suggest the nearest if not the exact address of your customers without them having to put in anything at all… with great accuracy… guessing the country, region…etc that helps make google maps suggestions a bit narrowed and improved.

Will look into that and hopefully roll out an update asap :wink: