Possible to send PayPal info back to clickfunnels?

Hi, I am hosting a course on Clickfunnels. When someone comes through my funnel to buy it and pays with PayPal, the information needs to be relayed back to Clickfunnels so it shows up in the sales tab and gives the person access to the course they bought. Right now, the info is not being passed back to Clickfunnels. How can I fix this? I saw that @yassine made replied to a post on this with a fix, but he messaged it to the person who posted, so I was not able to see the fix. Thanks in advance!

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@samlee you also seem to be active in this section, so I thought I’d ask.

Yes I think we can all benefit if orders from PayPal V2 were passed on to CF :slight_smile:

On another post, @yassine said there was a link or code or something to paste into code but private messaged the guy so I’m just hoping he can help.

@socialite-d4y-funnel can you help?