Pricing not Showing Up on Order Form in CF with Paypal V1


The pricing and product name are not flowing through from CF/Funnelish into the order form in my funnel.

Steps completed:

  • Set up the Paypal app as shown on YouTube
  • Added matched products in CF under the 3rd party section and Funnelish



Help much appreciated.


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Did you create your products in Clickfunnels? (I mean under Funnel step > Products), if not then that’s your issue, if you did then try to reach out to Clickfunnels support perhaps there is some delay affecting your products being shown in your funnel…

The error addressed itself when I changed the payment gateway from a dummy Stripe account to a dummy Blue Snap account.

The funnel uses Paypal as the only payment method and CF had an issue showing the products without a dummy account that the system recognized as real. Stripe didn’t flow through, but Blue Snap did.

Thanks for the help.

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That’s kind of the usual case can’t even create dummy account in stripe, so I have no clue how you did it as for bluesnap yep that’s usually the one that works or Infusionsoft.