Problem in CF with PayPal Order Bump

Hi, I’am using the new PayPal Plugin on CF and my tests are ok for the main product and for upsell but it doesn’t work for the order bump.
I have followed the steps of the set up that you give to us but the price doesn’t change when I try to check the order bump.
And my sales tests doesn’t appear in CF tracking…

Could you help me please ?
You can see my order form here :

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Your order bump isn’t working because you haven’t setup the correct “Cart Product” ID within your CF… though it should be recorded as a sale but the Order Bump won’t show:

Please create a paypal product within your CF 3rd party section (if haven’t already) for the (Order Bump + product).

i.e. need to create a new product with the cart product id set to the (Product + Order Bump Cart Product ID) given by the app for that specific product you want :slight_smile:

Each product on our app has two IDs, one for when it’s bought alone, and the other one, when it’s bought with the order bump.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your answer @yassine

But this is that I have done…

As you can see in screenshot

, in CF 3rd Party section there is :

  • Main Product : Formation Vendre Plus : 67€
  • Upsell : Club Privé Vendeur PRO : 97€/mois
  • Main Product + Order Bump : 67€ + 97€ = 164€ (with the order bump Cart Product ID)

I tried many tests by changing things on the App and CF 3rd party but it doesn’t change nothing…

Ok so on those screenshots you shown me everything seems fine! but when I actually try to go through your page I get this Cart product ID: “FORMATION_VENDRE_PLUS” for the Order bump as well…

which is not correct!

I found the issue “i guess” :smiley:

You forgot to setup any ORDER BUMP product on the app.

Please setup a new product give it the price of the Order bump, and then click the “Set As Order Bump” button.

So our app will know if anyone tries to buy the order bump how much it’s going to be charged.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Thanks @yassine
I have already put the order bump on the app but I don’t see the button “Set as order bump” as you can see on screenshot… where can I find it ?

To see “Funnel Steps” within a parent “Funnel” you need to Double Click that funnel.
To see “Products” within a parent “funnel Step” you need to Double Click that funnel step.

When you enter a specific Funnel or Step, You will be able to:

  1. See options specific to that funnel or step only.
  2. You’ll be able to sort your steps or products (you can drag and drop them all around).
  3. You’ll be able to see that option “Set As Order Bump” too.

I think some couldn’t figure out that, because it’s not mentioned anywhere on the app to double click except on the documents/tutorials… So we might remove that option, and improve it a bit :slight_smile: on the upcoming update.

Hope that helps!

Ok Thanks ! Perfect
It works now :wink:

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