Problem with OTO Not Functioning

I’m trying to get my OTOs via PayPal to work but it’s not sending over to PayPal after the initial order is placed.

I’ve looked on your site and found it really difficult to find documentation on how your system actually works …

I’ve been trying to get the OTO Pages to work properly BUT it’s not working as it’s suppose to. Some type of real documentation and support on this matter would be nice.

So far I’m impressed with your concept, but not with your implementation documentation… create video tutorials for all of the features.

Hi there,

So if I get it right indeed Clickfunnels shows the “CC declined error” or “missing purchase error” sometimes on the “link” only… when using Paypal… (Since CF doesn’t support Paypal organically)… BUT… When clicking the actual button it should be working just fine! At least that has been always the case…

In case the above isn’t your case, then please either share your OB and OTO links or PM them to me if needed… and I’ll investigate the case :slight_smile:

Generally Funnelish Paypal App works smoothly with OTOs (whether they are downsells/upsells/crosssells…etc).

Hope that helps!